Product Details for SFP-011

SFP Cage - One Port - Press Fit Type

RoHS Compliant

Features and Benefits

  • One-piece stamped and formed cage
  • Press Fit Type
  • Guarantees cages are RoHS compliant by eliminating solder
  • Optimal EMI grounding
  • Optional rear and side-mount lightpipe cover assemblies
  • Spring fingers with two points of contact


Th SFP-011 cage is a one-piece solution which is manufactured and formed in compliance with the current MSA. The SFP cage is a metal frame design to be bezel-mounted to an I/O panel with compliant pins for pressing onto the host printed circuit board.

The SFP-011 cages are constructed from a single piece of material. Xmultiple has a complete product line of SFP cages with configurations of material (stainless steel, tin-coated, nickel silver) along with different configurations for the feet. Xmultiple offers custom requests for modifications of our tooling. The SFP series of cage are available in one port, two port and four ports. AllXSFP cages conform to SFP MSA and are RoHS compliant.











Xmultiple modular connectors are available shielded or unshielded and with and without LEDs. LED versions are offered with optional bicolor LEDs.


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