XRJV & XMV Electrical, Material, and Mechanical Features

XRJV and XMV Shielding, Contact and Housing Material:

Electrical Characteristics
Mechanical Characteristics
Current Rating 1.5 A Max. Durability 500 to 750 Mating Cycles
Voltage Rating 150 VAC Max. Mating Force 5 Pounds Max.
Insulation Resistance 500 M[ (Ohm) Min. Unmating Force 5 Pounds Max.
Delectric Withstanding Voltage AC 1KVrms at 60Hz, 1 minute between adjacent contacts    
Termination Resistnace 50m[ (Ohm) Max. Final    


Shielding Related Features:
Housing Related Features:
Material Copper Alloy Material Thermoplastic, UL 94V-0, Color Black
Plating SUS or Brass Nickel plating Housing Flammability Rating UL 94V-0
    LED With or Without
    Flanged With or Without


Contact Related Features:
Magnetic Related Features:
Material Phosphor-Bronze Protocol Type Yes
Contact Area Plating Hard Gold or Gold Plating Circuit Type Yes
Solder Area Plating Tin    


XRJV and XMV Features
Type PCB Mount Vertical Mount (Top Entry)
Number of Ports 1, 2, 4 and Stackable 2x4 Ports
Shield and Unshield Available in Shield and Unshield
Connector Type RJ11, RJ12, and RJ45
Magnetics Magnetic Connectors 10/100Mbps and 1Gigabit and Non-Magnetic Connectors Available
Packaging Tray
Tab Location Tab Up and Tab Down Options
LED Color Options LED Color Chart
Number of Positions 2,4,6,8 and 10 Positions
Number of Contacts 2,4,6,8 and 10 Positions
PCB Mount Thru-hole
RoHS Compliant Yes
Solder Temperature 230 TO 240 degr.C 5-10 SECONDS
Solder High-Temp Option 260 degr.C 5-10 SECONDS
High Temperature Option -40 to +85 Degrees F
Operating Temperature -0 to 70 Degrees C

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