Product Details for XF-LCZ3A1CB


















Single Port 10/100Mbps Base-T SMD LAN Transformer Module

RoHS Compliant

Status: Active

Product Highlights:

  • 16 Pins
  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3u and ANSI X3.263 standards
  • TX and RX channels for auto MDI/MDIX capability
  • RoHS-5 peak reflow temperature rating 235 degree C
  • RoHS-6 peak reflow temperature rating 245 degree C
  • Compact Footprint
  • Use in space restricted applicaions


The Xmultiple XF magnetic transformer is manufactured to the trend towards miniaturization, and especially diminishing board-to-board spacing, Xmultiple has become a leader in magnetic-materials manufacturing. Xmultiple offering advanced assembly procedures for magnetic connectors and for components. Xmultiple magnetics offer a low profile, good thermal characteristics, low leakage inductance, and good repeatability of properties. Xmultiple uses its core technology to produce the integrated component transformer products.















YCL PH163112G