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Product Details for XMG and XMH (10GB Magnetic Connectors)


RJ45 10GB UltraMag Magnetic Connectors (Tab Down and Tap Up), with LEDs


10GB Product Series Include:

  • XMG10-9771 Tab Down (8P12C)
  • XMG10-9771 Tab Down (8P15C)
  • XMH10-9771 Tab Up (Universal)
  • XMH10-9721 Stackable 2x1
  • XMH10-9812 Stackable 2x4
  • XMH10-9812 Stackable 2x6
  • XMH10-9812 Stackable 2x8







































  • Shield Type - Shielded
  • Mount Style - Thru-hole
  • EMI Suppression performance
  • Peak solder rating 260 degrees C
  • LEDs - LEDs (available bi-color). Also available without LEDs
  • Packaging -70 units per Tray, 280 units per box (carton)
  • Carton Weight - 4.8 kgs Gross Weight
  • Carton Size - 35x25x26 cm


The XMG-10G Series are available in 8 Positions and 12 Contacts and XMG 10GB Series is available in 8 Position and 15 Contacts. The XMG 10GB connectors are a tab down, with compact design for use in any networking or computer device. The Xmultiple 10GB Seiers are ideal for any industry we serve which requires extremely high speed performance. The XMH-10GB Universal connector is an RJ connector which has the capability to have different 10GB transformer components integrated. The transformer components are easily inserted and removed with our patent pending design. The wide area on the back of the Universal is designed with enough room to house any 10GB transformer in the marketplace. Also integrated inside the Universal UltraMag is a printed circuit board with a locking mechanism so the transformer can be inserted and then locked in place on the PCB. We have multiple 10GB semiconductor companies who are providing their transformers for integrating their transformer into an RJ45 connector housing. Our XFZT 10GB transformer, integrates into the universal connector as well. The advantage of our Universal 10GB solution is the integration the transformer and connector results in a higher level of EMI protection. The shield surrounds the 10GB component and the RJ45 connector providing this protection. The other major benefit is that the component and RJ45 contacts mate inside the RJ45 connector thereby reducing EMI compared to solutions where the component and connector are separated and connected by traces on the printed circuit board. The longer distance to make this connection between the component and connector is much more critical in higher speed 10GB transmission. The Universal 10GB Series is open concept way for the component and connector to perform for 10GB.

The major benefit of our design of the Universal 10GB RJ45 connector is it permits users to insert and remove components. A user of our Universal 10GB RJ45 connector has the capability to purchase 10GB transformers from multiple sources. Second sourcing reduces leadtimes. There is also the advantage of removing failed components without expensive repairs. When you add up all the advantages you can see that our universal solution will be embraced by many users.

In addition to 10GB components, the Universal RJ45 connector functions with 1G and 10/100Mbps transformers as well. These data speeds just require a change of transformer and the integrated printed circuit board inside the Universal 10GB connector.

10GB Connectors

P/N - Download Description / ProductSheet
XMG10-9771-AH51150-412 10GB LAN Connecto 8P12C- Tab Down- Cross for Broadcom BCM84846 is dual port 40nm PHY IC, 1 PHY applies 2 4channel 10G connector. CAT6
XMG-9771-AAR1121-353 10GB LAN Connecto - Tab Down- Cross Bel G05-1GHT-025
XMH10-9772-XXXX 10GB LAN Connecto 8P12Cr- Tab Down- Cross for Intel X540-AT2 PHY IC needs 5 CHANNEL (including sensing and canceling common-mode noise circuit ).
XMH10-9771-XXXXXX 10GB LAN Connector 1x1, 8P15C- Tab Down
XMH10-9774-XXXXXX- Call 10GB LAN Connector- Multi-Port 1x4
XMH10-9721-XXXXXX 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2x1
XMH10-9812-XXXXXX 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2x4
XMH10-9812-XXXXXX- Call 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2x6
XMH10-9812-XXXXXX 10GB LAN Connector- Stacked 2x8

10GB LAN Transformer Drawing

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10GB Magnetics Module - 24 Pins, Lower Profile


10GB Magnetics Module - 24 Pins - 8 Cores

DataSheet - 10GB RJ45 Magnetic Connectors Brochure

DataSheet - 10GB RJ45 Magnetic Connectors

10GB RoadMap