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XMULTIPLE RJ Male Plugs With Shielding Of Wires Insulating the RJ Male Plug

XMULTIPLE Technologies RJ Male Plug for 1Gigabit and 10Gigabit Ethernet Cabling

Los Angeles, CA -  XMULTIPLE announced today the release of patented GigaPlug. The GigaPlug is an RJ Male Plug and RJ Female Connector for Gigabit Ethernet.

GigaPlug - A RJ45 style with internal shielding of the pairs. Only the very last tip of the wire is exposed for termination. Reduces cross-talk in the RJ Male Plug and increase performance as a result. With the GigaPlug, high-speed Ethernet performance is made better by the use of a shielded RJ male plug. This male plug connector can be manufactured in two ways.

(1) Ultra GigaPlug version with 16 contacts, 8 on top and 8 on the bottom. This version would need a Ultra Giga Female RJ Jack to work.

(2) Standard GigaPlug - Would work with a standard CAT 5, 5e, 6 jack. but with the addition of the internal shielding. The standard version plug is pictured below.

The new Gigabit technology makes connecting Gigabit Ethernet networks a better connection for homes and businesses. We want to bring XmultipleĦĤs new technology to your attention. Our company, Xmultiple is well known for our 3,498,317 for integrating LEDs into RJ connectors.

The GigaPlug RJ45 male plug is pictured below with a standard RJ45 with exposed wires in a standard non-GigaPlug connector. To use GigaPlug connectors is easy. Simply connect the GigaPlug at the end of your twisted pair wiring by inserting the each wire through its metal shielding. The metal sheet in the male plug will prevent cross-talk between each individual wire in the connectors. It is as easy to connect as a standard RJ45 connector.

For more information, please call us at 805-498-5000. To view the complete product line please visit our websites at and Advantages and benefits of the new UltraJax female RJ connector can be viewed on the UltraJax RJ connector becomes TWO.

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Xmultiple modular connectors are available shielded or unshielded and with and without LEDs. LED versions are offered with optional bicolor LEDs.



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