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XRJAX - A Better Way To Connect Coax


Convert a regular coaxial connection into a snap-in coaxial connection

XMultiple Technologies has created a very unique interconnection technology called the X-RJAX. What makes the X-RJAX special is that it is the world's first and only coaxial-modular connector adapter system. The images below will provide an overview of XMultiple's current product offering in this exciting new X-RJAX family.

X-RJAX IS EASY TO USE - simply connect the female adapter to TV's, VCR's, DVD's, satellite equipment, cable boxes, coax modem PC adapters, and any other coax device. Screw on the male adapter to the "F" screw connector on your cable and you are DONE! Pictured below are the XRJAX Splitter, Female Adapters, Wallplate (XRJAX Keystone connectors).

Have you tried to reach around the back of your TV set (especially if it is installed in a cabinet) and tried to line up and tighten an "F" connector linking the set to a cable TV system or to attach a VCR? If so, you know firsthand just how difficult that can be. X-RJAX simplifies this by providing a modular plug and jack combo similar to the one used to attach a telephone to a wallplate. It just doesn't get any simpler that that!


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XRJAX Adapters, PCB Mounts and More

The female receptacles are available in cable mount or right-angle PCB mounting versions. The cable mount versions (this one has a BNC connector, and "F" connectors are available, too) are ideal for use with existing hardware systems, whereas the printed circuit board mount types must be designed and built into finished products by their manufacturers. The cable mount connectors are available with colored plastic covers to help in identifying the cables that mate into them.

There are different style of male plugs as well. There is a plug adapter which fastens to an existing cable by way of its integral connector and there is also a crimp style plug that can be installed and terminated in a shop or in the field. Additionally there are colored plastic plug boots that protect the plug at the same time providing a means for color coding connections.

XMultiple provides several specialty products as well that compliment the basic system components above.

Some of these include female-female in-line couplers, such as the yellow one at left, that allow the user to connect two cables that have male plugs on them. These couplers are available in different colors to allow them to be matched to specific cable pairings.

New home construction today incorporates more and more connectivity features than ever before. Telephone outlets are found in almost every room, and many homes come rewired for home theater and whole-house music systems. And this doesn't even begin to take into account the wiring for local area networks throughout the home. XMultiple offers the X-RJAX in several different wallplate configurations to meet the needs of particular users or rooms. The one shown at right features one X-RJAX for connecting to cable TV or cable modem, one RJ45, one F connector and one RJ11 for a telephone.

Signal splitters, crimp tools, and FlexCable coaxial assemblies are also offered by XMultiple. The splitters allow for one coaxial cable to be used to connect multiple devices. The FlexCable assemblies provide a very flexible coaxial cable that is ideal for use in tight spaces where traditional, stiffer coax cables just cannot be used. If you want to build XRJAX connectors into your product, the XRJAX 5101T PCB mount are pictured on the right.

The receptions these new products have received from office, computer, and audio products resellers have been outstanding! There is considerable interest in them at the OEM level as well, and finished products featuring this technology will be appearing over the next year or so. XRJAX Patent No. 6,290,538.

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XRJAX Releases the XRJAX Splitter and Coupler

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