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Introduction Xmultiple’s Combo
MicroUSB / MicroSD Connectors



X-SMART - MicroSDCard / MicroUSB Combo Connector


Xmultiple X-SMART is a combination USB connector and a MicroSD card connector integrated in one small form factor. This connector is available in standard A and B, mini and micro USB connector types. With this compact form factor USB and MicroSD can be combined in smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices and save valuable printed circuit board space. http://www.xmultiple.com

Benefits of the X-SMART Series – MicroSD and MicroUSB Connectors;

·        Designed for Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops and other Mobile Devices

·        Meet/exceeds standards for MicroSD and USB connectors

·        RoHS Certified

·        SMT and Thru-hole Configurations

·        High capacity MicroSD cards

·        Saves Valuable printed circuit space with both MicroUSB and MicroSD combined together.



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For manufacturers of networking products and equipment the X-SMART connector now provides them with a high volume flash memory storage capacity which they can use with their network management systems when collecting, storing and retrieving data. MicroSD cards are sold separately. MicroSD cards are available in 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB. The 128GB MicroSD card will be available soon. MicroSD cards are also available from many major flash memory card manufactures  Xmultiple is Your source for Connector Innovation. With over a decade of experience, Xmultiple is an industry leader with many innovative connector and components for all your needs. Our company can help you if you have a hard to find connector or you require development or tooling to satisfy your requirement.  We are well-known for our 4,978,317 patent with integrated lights into the standard RJ Connectors.  

Thank you and please contact for any of your interconnect solution requirements.

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Xmultiple. is a leading provider of connector and component products and solutions, based out of Los Angeles,  CA. Xmultiple  products and solutions are used on networking, computer and electronic  related products manufactured by our customers.  To learn more, please visit www.xmultiple.com

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