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M5 Sensor Connectors

Sensor connectors with M5 locking for commercial electronics, factory automation, process control, industrial instrumentation, and automotive applications. The Xmultiple M5 products include cable connectors, panel-mounted receptacles, and accessories. We also specialize in customized products. If you do not find what you are looking for please contact us. Please call for M5 drawings.

M5 Electrical and Connector Specifications

Circular Connector Listings


Applications Where M5 Circular Connectors Are Used:


Industrial Equipment & Tools

Portable Data Logger
Spot Welding Machin
Industrial Electric Screwdriver
M5 Connector for Miniature Sensors
Miniature Magnetic Sensors
Pressure Sensors with Fieldbus I/O Portse


Custom Signs for Watercrafts
Race Data Acquisition for Motorsports
License Plate Recognition System
Agricultural Metering Systems & Seeders
Point-of View Video Recording
Metal Detection Devices
Safer Driving with DSS

Transportation   Communications

Automotive Portable Analyzer
Rail Flaw Detection Systems


Industrial Headset Communications

Factory Automation   Medical

Industrial Electric Screwdriver
Laser Cutting Robots


Medical Testing Equipment
Patient Monitoring System

Control / Measurement   Other

Solenoid for Pressure Transducer
Temperature Measurement System
Pips Technology ALPR System
Soil Moisture Tester and Analyzer
Optical Quality Control System
Automated Granular Feeders


External Hard Drives
PC Input/Output Devices

M5 Drawing of 4 Pin

P/N - Download Description / ProductSheet
M5 Circular Connectors - Suggested High Production Volume Examples
XM5-WP-04F3-58 M5 Drawing
XM5-WP-04F2-108-11 M5 Drawing
XM5-WP-04M2-38 M5 Drawing



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