The Very High Density Interconnect (VHDCI) is a 68-pin connector that was introduced in the SPI-3 document of SCSI-3. The VHDCI connector is a very small connector that allows placement of four wide SCSI connectors on the back of a single PCI card slot. Physically, it looks like a miniature Centronics type connector. It uses the regular 68-contact pin assignment.


No. of Contact¡GMale¡K..50, 68
Available For PCB¡G1.2mm/1.6mm

Insulator¡GLCP UL94V-0
Contact¡GPhosphor Bronze

Current Rating¡G0.5A
Contact Resistance¡G35m£[ Max.
Dielectric Withstanding Voltage¡G250V AC for 1 Min.
Insulation Resistance¡G500M£[ Min.
Operating Temperature¡G-55¢J~105¢J

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HMCR68FS5XM 68 Pin VHDCI connector - Receptacle Vertical and Right Angel Type
VHDCI-34L  68 Pin VHDCI connector - Receptacle Right Angel Type

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