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DisplayPort is an open, royalty-free, digital display interface established by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association). The interface has emerged as the revolutionary, high performance, next generation display technology with the capability of offering high resolution and color depth on standard cables. Designed specifically for space-constrained connectivity applications like netbooks, ultra-thin notebooks and graphic cards, where connector space is small but high display performance is crucial, DisplayPort interface is witnessing significant growth. DisplayPort represents an apt replacement for existing outdated display interface technologies such as VGA, LVDS and DVI. All new personal computer chipsets, display controllers and GPUs, currently available in the market, are integrated with DisplayPorts.

Personal computing devices represent major DisplayPort-Enabled Devices. Demand is particularly strong for Embedded DisplayPort (eDP) for use in PC notebook panels. Embedded DisplayPorts and internal DisplayPorts (iDP) are gaining widespread acceptance among equipment manufacturers as a simplified, cost-effective alternate to legacy, bulkier solutions for the transmission of graphics and video data from the television and PC motherboards to plasma/LCD panels. Increasing global IT spend, both from enterprise and consumer segments, will continue to fuel adoption of computing devices, lending traction to market growth.

Rising demand for smartphones and tablets holds immense potential for DisplayPorts. Smartphones and tablets are increasingly integrating Mobility DisplayPort (MyDP) standard. Also known as SlimPort, the MyDP standard delivers uncompressed high-definition audio and video over a micro-USB connector in mobile devices such as smartphones, notebooks, and tablets. Apple continues to be the leader in terms of adoption of DisplayPorts in Apple iPhones. Growing popularity of tablets also offer significant growth opportunities for DisplayPorts, including external and internal DisplayPorts.

DisplayPort connectors are available in Thru-hole, SMT and Vertical Mount. Please call for drawings if you do not see the drawing for your requirement.

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