XRF Series - BNC - RF Connector Reference Drawings and Schematic Drawings

BNC connectors are miniature, lightweight and operate up to 11 GHz though most applicaitons at DC to 4GHz. Please call for the drawing for your requirement if you do not see it below.

Xmultiple manufacturers a full line of RF connectors and we can manufacturer any custom RF designs you require for your products. Please call for custom RF connector drawings. RF Connector Overview


XRF-12-33-50 BNC Jack 50 ohm - Vertical Mount ProductSheet
XRF-RF2144-2001 BNC Jack 75 ohm- Cross Molex 73100-0070
XRF-BNC-KVE BNC Jack 50 or 75 ohm
XMRF-MCX-006(01) BNC Jack 75 ohm
XMRF-MCX-007(01) BNC Jack 50 ohm
XMRF-MCX-006(02) BNC Jack 75 ohm
XMRF-MCX-007(02) BNC Jack 50 ohm
XBNC-HD-2873(01) BNC Jack 75 ohm, Bulk Head
XBNC-HD-01321(01) BNC Jack 75 ohm, Vertical PCB/Panel Mount
XRF-B1-2R3-CDA-H01 BNC Jack 50 ohm - Cross to Connex 112116
XRF-7010WS000HF000B BNC Connector and Chain

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