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XWP Power Transformers
XWP-CM4532-601 Power Transformer
XWP-STRF-02-771Y Power Transformer
XWP-FAPE20 Series 50/60 Hz PCB Encapsulation TRANSFORMERS
XWP-Ferrite Series Power Ferrite Transformers
XWP-Telecom Series Telcom Transformers
XWP-Switching Series Switching Transformesr
XWP-LP Switching Series Low Profile Switching Transformesr
XWP-SMT Series SMT Transformesr
XPW- Series Power Inductors
XPW-F12012C2R2KB Power Inductor -Multilayer Chip
XPW-GPB1207100MZF Power Inductor -SMD, Shielded- Cross Coilcraft MSD1278T-103MLD
XPW-TR8YC52-X503 Power Inductor -Shielded- Cross Pulse P0354NL
XPW-TTB5019 Power Inductor -Shielded
XPW-HFW0503M Power Inductor -Shielded- Cross Vishay IHLP-IHLP-2020CZERR10M01 and IHLP-2020CZ-01 (Vishay)
XPW-HFW0603M Power Inductor -Shielded- Cross Vishay IHLP-2020CZERR22M01 and IHLP-2525CZERR22M01 and IHLP-2525CZ-01
XPW-HFW0605M Power Inductor -Shielded- Cross Vishay IHLP-2525EX-01 Series
XPW-HFW1250M Power Inductor -Shielded- Cross Vishay IHLP-5050EZER100M01 - IHLP-5050EZ-01(Vishay)
XPW-HFW1265M Power Inductor -Shielded- Cross Vishay IHLP-5050FDER1R0M01 and IHLP-5050FD-01(Vishay)
XPW-TCRH12XXB DC-DC Converter Transformer - Cross Wurth 744873100
XPW-TRPD1001NL Power Inductor -Surface Mount Wire
XPW-TRPD1002NL Power Inductor -Surface Mount Wire
XPW-TRPD1003NL Power Inductor -Surface Mount Wire
XPW-TRPD1004NL Power Inductor -Surface Mount Wire
XWP-SMTTC50-182U-1A Power Inductor- Cross Pulse PE-53912NLT
XWP-SMTPQ2614H-100K Power Inductor
XWP-SMT3225V-152J Power Inductor
XWP-SMTDR43-2R2M-XTIZ0 Power Inductor
XWP-SMTTC1264-590UH-5-6A Power Inductor- Cross Pulse P0353NLT
XWP-SMTDRRI1124-1R0N Power Inductor- Cross Pulse P1168.102NLT
XWP-SMTDRRI1124-R5N-XTIZ0 Power Inductor- Custom DCR level - Cross Pulse P1168.162NLT
XWP-SMTDRRI1124-1R5N Power Inductor- Cross Pulse P1168.162NLT
XWP-SMTDRRI1124-100M Power Inductor- Cross Pulse P1168.103NLT
XWP-SMTDRRI1127-220N Power Inductor- Cross Pulse P1172.223NLT
XWP-SMTDRRI124-R5N Power Inductor- Cross Pulse P1168.501NL
XWP-SMTDRRI73-100M Power Inductor- Cross Wurth 74477820
XWP-SMTDRRID28-8R2N Power Inductor- Cross Sumida CDRH5D28
XWP--TCRD Power Inductor- Sumida CDRH5D28
XWP-SMTDRRI125-220M-A3 Power Inductor- Pulse P1170NL and P1171NL
XWP-SMITC50-601U-3.6A Power Inductor- Pulse PE-53910
XWP-SMTDR0810-2R2M(XTIZO) Power Inductor
XWP-SMTDR0810-4R7M(XTIZO) Power InductoR
XWP-SMTDR0904HC-100M(XTIZO) Power Inductor
XWP-SMTDR0904HC-101M(XTIZO) Power Inductor
XWP-SMTDR01206-4R7M(XTIZO) Power Inductor
XWP-SMTDRR1127P-100M-4P(XTIZ0) Power Inductor
XFASISC-0603 Power Inductor -Surface Mount Wire Wound Ceramkic Chip Inductor
XWP-SMTDRH0635 Power Inductor- Cross LPS6235-223ML (coilcraft)
XWP-BDE2D15-2R2N Power Inductor- Cross LPS3015-222ML (coilcraft),
XWP-SMTDR0804-101M Power Inductor- Cross DO3316P-104ML (coilcraft),
XWP-SMTDRRI4D28-D Power Inductor- Cross LPS5030-103ML(coilcraft)
XSMT Series Power Inductors
XSMTDRRI124-1-R0N Power Inductor -Surface Mount Inductor - Cross Pulse P1168.102NLT
XSMTDRRI124-1RN5 Power Inductor -Surface Mount Inductor - Cross Pulse P1168.162NLT
XSMTDRRI124-100M Power Inductor -Surface Mount Inductor - Cross Pulse P1168.103NLT
XSMTDRRI127-220N Power Inductor -Surface Mount Inductor - Cross Pulse P1172.223NLT
XSMTTC50-182U-1A(XT) SMT Common Mode Inductor -Cross Pulse PE-53912NLT
XSMTTC264-590UH-56A SMT Common Mode Choke - Cross Pulse P0353NLT
SPD2D18 SMD Power Inductor
TSM-0603-4R7M SMD High Frequency Inductor
MS Series Power Inductors
MSRH125-100M Power Inductor- Cross EPCOS B82477G2
MSRH127-220M Power Inductor
MSRH322522-4R7M Power Inductor
MSG-5022HC-100M Power Inductor
LQH and T Series Power Inductors
T0603-360 Power Inductor
LQH8040-4R7NH Power Inductor- Cross Murata LQH88PN4R7N38
G Series Power Inductors
GSLHS127T-100M Power Inductor
GSLRH124T-0R5N Power Inductor

DK3 Series Power Inductor

DQ Series Power Inductor

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