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XUSB-20140822T C Type Female, Thru-hole for PCB
XUSB-20140822 CType Female, SMT, R/A, With Cover
  XUSB-20140822W C Type Female, SMT, R/A, Without Cover
  XUSB-CMG005 C Type Female, SMT- MidMount
  XUSB-CNG001 C Type Female, SMT, Vertical
XUSB-TypeC-Plug C Type Plug 3 in 1
XUSB-CNH0130T C Type Plug
XUSB-20140822P C Type Plug
C Type Cable - Call for the Cable length and specification for your requirement.

Call Xmultiple Customer Support for the version for your application - 1-805-579-1100.

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