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Welcome to Xmultiple's - Approved Vendor List (AVL) Checklist

An Approved Vendor List (AVL) is a listing of connector/component manufacturers and providers that a company has agreed meets its standards in terms of quality and price. Once a supplier is placed on the AVL, companies instruct their authorized purchasing agents to place orders when products are required. Xmultiple works closely with our customers and potential new customers to have our products evaluated and approved to meet their requirements. Below is a checklist of documents companies need from Xmultiple during this approval process.


Xmultiple Code of Ethics


ISO9001:2015 Certificate


Xmultiple ISO14001:2004 Certification


Specifications Information

Sample Approval

UL Certificates and Quality Documents


Use of Conflict Materials Template and Statement Form

RoHS and REACH Material Declarations

IPC 1752 Material Declaration Form


Xmultiple ElectroStatic Discharge Controls and Procedures


End of Life (EOL) Product Form

Contract Manufacturer / Assembly House Coordination


RoadMap - Xmultiple Technology Roadmap

NAFTA Information

Cost Structure Analysis

SWOT -Evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats


AODA -Disabilities Act - Accessibility Plan

Product/Process Change Notice


Drawings and 3D Drawings


Product Drawing Approval Form

Xmultiple Accounting Information for ECM

Xmultiple Banking Letter to Electronic Contract Manufacturers


Checklist of AVL Requirements

Submit a drawing of packaging used for product
Submit a drawing of product with specifications
Submit a sample for approval
Submit a report of how long we have been shipping a product and the quantity shipped to date.
Submit any prior CAR on this product
Submit a quality control report to show how Xmultiple performs 100% quality control on all parts.
Submit a copy of ISO9001:2015 Certificate
Submit a copy of ISO14001:2004 Certificate or Status
Complete and submit Registration Forms upon request.
Submit Code of Ethics Agreement
Submit End of Life (EOL) documents
Submit Conflict of Materials documents including EICC Template of Gold Smelters
Submit REACH Compliance for Products Manufactured
Submit RoHS Compliance for Products Manufactured
Submit ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) Controls and Procedures
Submit RoHS Material Declarations Upon Request
Submit Xmultiple AODA Plan
Submit Xmultiple SWOT Report Upon Request

XMULTIPLE Corporate Headquarters

1060 Los Angeles Avenue, Simi Valley, CA 93065
805-579-1100, Fax: 805-579-7800 email us at

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