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Xmultiple Technologies manufacturers a complete line of RF connections for every type of application. Our premium line of sub and micro-miniature connectors include SMA, SMB, SMC, MCX, MMCX in various mounting types including cable mount, bulkhead and board mount connectors. Please call us if you do not see the connector for your requirement. Our wide selection of RJ connectors include hard to find versions such as non-magnetic, reverse thread, reverse-polarity, end launch and quick connect. Xmultiple's RF engineering/design team provides customized RF connector products for your requirements as well.




Our SMA Subminiature connectors are a threaded coupling mechanism which performs through 18 GHz. Available in standard, phase adjustable and reverse polarity. Built in accordance with MIL-C-39012 and CECC 22110/111, SMA connectors so you can mated with all connectors regardless of manufacturer if they meet the specification.

SMA 50 Ohm connectors

SMA 75 Ohm connectors



Developed in the 1960's as a smaller alternative to the SMA, the SMB line features a snap-on coupling mechanism. Available in 50 O, 75 O, and miniature 75 O.

SMB 50 Ohm connectors

SMb 75 Ohm connectors





The TNC connectors feature screw threads for mating and serves as a threaded version of the BNC connector. The TNC is a 50 O connector available in both standard and reverse polarity.

TNC connectors






The MCX is a Snap-on subminiature connector that conforms to the European CECC 22220. The MCX has identical inner contact and insulator dimensions as the SMB and is 30% smaller, it provides designers with options where weight and physical space are limited.

MCX 50 Ohm connectors

MCX 75 Ohm connectors

MMCX   Type N

The MMCX series of RF connectors are Micro-miniature connectors with a lock-snap mechanism allowing for 360 degrees rotation on a printed circuit board. Our connectors conforms to the European CECC 22000 specification and are available in surface mount, edge card, and cable connectors.

MMCX connectors




The standard N (coaxial cable) and corrugated N (helical and annular cable), the Type N is a durable, weatherproof, medium-sized connector consistent through 11GHz.

N connectors




Adapters   BNC


Xmultiple manufacturers a complete line of RF adapters. Please call for pricing.

Adapter for RF connectors





Xmultiple has an extensive BNC product line which features bayonet-style coupling for quick connect and disconnect. Available in 50 ohm, 75 ohm , and 50 ohm reverse polarity.

BNC 50 and 75 Ohm connectors


Low PIM and Others   HDTV

Xmultiple manufacturers PAL, Power Pin and Coaxial Pin RF connectors. Low PIM Distortion Series (Passive Inter Modulation)

Low PIM connectors

Other RF connectors



Xmultiple manufacturers 75 ohm connectors for High Definition Television applications.

HDTV connectors




SSMB Connectors    

Xmultiple manufacturers a complete line of SSMB connectors and adapters

SSMB connectors







Call 1-805-579-1100 for for drawings for all our RF connectors including Twin BNC, Type F, Type G, UHF, Twinax, Triax, SSMB, SMPM, SMP, SMC, Mini BNC, SC, QWS, WDS, Precision, MMCX, Mini 75 ohm SMB, Mini-UHF, FME, FAKRA, HN, BNC, AMC, AFI, 7/16, 1.0/2.3, and 1.6/5.6.

RF Cable Assembly Standard and Flexible Coaxial Cable Assembly

RF Terminator Connectors Terminators for Coaxial Applications

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