Sample Approval Process

Xmultiple provides customers with a Sample Approval Form to complete before ordering new products. This is to be submitted after the testing of the sample has been performed by the customer. This form is to assure the product meets the customer's requirement and is being ordered based on approved evaluation of the samples we provide prior to ordering.

The Sample Approval Form is to be signed by two people within your company, therefore providing a double verification on all the specifications of the sampled product which meets your needs. Signing our Sample Approval Form is not a requirement, however this does provide you with a means to document and control your approval process with Xmultiple.

Sample Approval Form and Sample Procedures/Documents


Sample testing should include a complete physical and operational test to assure the part meets your requirement. Samples are provided to assure a customer tests Xmultiple's connectors or components on their product prior to ordering. The testing should include the review of the technical specifications, and documentation such as tests reports, engineering analysis, installation procedures, etc.

Xmultiple provides samples for customers to evaluate, test and approve our connectors and components. If the Xmultiple product is ordered after samples have been provided, the customer assumes responsibility to use the approved parts they order. This responsibility is assumed whether or not our Sample Approval Form is filled out or signed by the customer.

The Sample Approval Form has a checklist of specification features which include:

  • Connector Type - RJXX
  • Transmission Speed (10/100Mbps, 1GB, 10GB or None )
  • Number of Ports
  • Number of Positions
  • Number of Contacts
  • Unshielded or Shielded
  • PCB Mount - Thru-Hole or SMT
  • Type of PCB Mount - Right Angle or Vertical mount
  • Polarity of LEDs
  • Footprint - Layout on PCB
  • Verification of all connector dimensions which are on product drawing.
  • Verification of schematic if Magnetic Jack
  • Contact Pin Plating
  • LED Color ( If LEDs included )
  • Shielding EMI tabs or No EMI tabs and description of EMI tab placement and number
  • Series Type with Tab Up or Tab Down
  • Surge Protection (Yes/No)
  • PoE (Yes/No)
  • Length of contact pins
  • Standard PBT Housing Material or Optional Nylon High Temperature Housing Material
  • Optional features listed

Sample Request Form

Sample Approval Form

Shipping Instructions Form

Xmultiple Sample Procedures and Document Control AP-433

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