Benefits and Features

Xmultiple's internal modular design of our connectors reduces our production cost and therefore results in our company offering the lowest possible prices to our customers. Many of our production processes are patented or patent pending as well. Xmultiple offers lower prices without reducing quality. Xmultiple has ISO 9000 certifications in not only our factories but in our administration offices as well.

Our most important benefit to our customers are our short delivery leadtimes. If you need your connectors on a timely and short time frame, Xmultiple can help you.

If your company is looking for customized components, and connectors we will design and meet your requirements in a short time frame. If you want unique colors we offer any color which meets your requirement.

If it is a standard product you are looking for on our site, let our super-fast Product Search engine do all of the hard work for you. Xmultiple has a complete line of vertical (top entry) mount connectors available in single and stackable configurations (pictured below is the front and back view of the 2x4 vertical mount connector).

If you do not have a clue what you want but you will...know it when you see it? Try our Product Section, Product Number Comparison. You are bound to find the product you need fast. For Samples of our products, simply fill out our Sample Request form available online and we will send products for your design engineers and for your testing requirements.

Xmultiple has released some new and exciting products for the interconnnection market. Our UltraKey is a very unique product. if your are a user of DSL for your connection to the Internet. Look at our News Headlines or click here to see the UltraKey product. The UltraJax and UltraKey are an emerging new RJ connector in which every RJ connector is equvalent to two RJ connectors. The UltraJax RJ45 for PCB designs is pictured at the top of this webpage. The XRJAX product line is a new RJ Coax Snap-In connector.......visit our product website for XRJAX at The GigaPlug male RJ connector is for the twited pair Gigabit transmission. The GigaPlug reduces the crosstalk in the male connector itself......the individual twisted pair wires are shielded from each other in the male plug. Call us and we will we happy to send information. If you company is looking for a customized solution we would like to hear from you. We would like to discuss any of your interconnection requirements.

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