Xmultiple Cellular Solutions


Xmultiple manufactures a complete product range of connector systems and antenna products to support manufacturers of smart phones, tablets, and other mobile devices.

Our range of products includes innovations such as our X-SMART connector products as well as small form factors Board to Board and FPC products. We custom design products for any requirement. We have designs for industry standard connectors for I/O, Camera Sockets, Memory & SIM, antenna applications.


Xmultiple Cellular Connectors

HDMI Connectors
Power Solutions
Copper Cable Assemblies
Memory Cards

Power DC Connectors
Power AC Connectors
USB Connectors

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Xmultiple provides all your design, development, assembly and manufacturing needs all at the lowest possible cost. Xmultiple has a broad range of expertise and skills. Integration of many technologies is Xmultiple only business in many different industries we serve. We are the experts in our fields of technology, and we are striving to drive the future products for Interconnection solutions. Xmultiple management has implemented various levels of ISO procedures to ensure continual quality and improved procedures to maximize customer satisfaction. Xmultiple has deployed operational procedures in each of our factories to assure our products are the best in the industry.



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