Consumer Devices - Business and Personally Owned


Xmultiple manufacturers connectors and components for many consumer devices. Consumer devices include products people use daily in their homes and businesses. The main consumer products include:

Smartphone and Cellphones
Personal Computers
Printers and Copiers
Gaming Devices
Tablets PC
TV, Set Top Devices, and other Peripheral TV devices
Cameras and Digital Video Equipment
Audio Equipment and Speakers

Recent studies show that workers are bringing personal devices into the enterprise at an increasing rate, with 40 percent of the devices used to access business applications being personally owned. This is a 10-percentage-point increase from last year. Use of social media applications, blogging, and microblogging in the enterprise also increased. This year 20 percent of organizations surveyed used Facebook and LinkedIn for business purposes.

Xmultiple recently filed a patent pending MicroSD/MicroUSB combination connector which saves space on Smartphones, tabletes and all mobile consumer products. This X-SMART product line is available in a MicroSD connector and standard USB connector as well.





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