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Xmultiple Will Customize Connectors to Meet Your Needs. Custom Designs from Concept to Reality.

We call it the ''Customized Architecture Strategy.ˇ¨ We have found that networking and computer companies would like to have customized connectors to make their products more compact, more competitive with added features or just more to their liking.

Custom Connectors and Shielding

Our engineers have designed customized connectors with integrated components which provide powerful applications built into the RJ/LED connector. Many of these connectors are no larger in size than some RJ connectors on the market without other elements built into them. Our current XRJC connector was developed for a laptop computer manufacturer with a need for a small compact RJ45 and RJ11 combo connector. For one customer, Xmultiple designed a connector with built-in magnetics and integrated logic for a special network management capability. Users can now pick what they want instead of being told that products have only one feature. And better yet, users are provided with multiple functions all possible because the connector can perform more than one task. With the UltraJax, logic for multiple functions can be combined in one RJ connector which has contact available for both functions.

Custom Internal Antennas

Xmultiple designs and develops custom antennas for wireless and mobile applications. We have customized antennas for multiband, 4G LTE, NPC, BT/GPS, WLAN and internal FM.

Customization Moves Products To A New Level

Xmultiple custom products are an excellent resource for solving interconnects solutions. If you cannot find the right solution for your requirement, Xmultiple will work with you to develop the right connector. The key to our customizing connectors, components, LEDs and more is our willingness to work with our customers to provide what they want.

Xmultipleˇ¦s customization process not only saves our customers the effort of tampering with products themselves, it can move their desire for changes and better product capability to a new level


Custom USB Connectors Tiered and Offset - Concept to Reality.

Our custom patent pending high profile USB connector is tiered and offset to permit components to be placed in the offset area. This connector was designed to save valuable space on printed circuit boards and to use the maximum amount of area when configuring a board layout which uses USB connectors. For a custom design please call us and we will help you with your requirement.

Customized Cables for all Industries and Solutions

Xmultiple designs, develops and manufactures custom cable products solving interconnects solutions for every type of industry. Below are a few samples of custom cables we provide to our customers.


Samples of Custom Cables
XCAB-001 Locker Frame Pigtail Cable
XCAB-002 Locker Frame Interconnect Cable
XCAB-003 LED Interconnect Cable, 458m length
XCAB-004 LED Interconnect Cable, 204m length
XCAB-43-03519-00-02 Cable, USB to Header
XCAB-CAT5E-15 RJ45 Cable
XCAB-S2P120 Interconnect Cable

InfiniBand 4x male to male, Cross Tyco 1979524-1


Cantaloupe DC Cable


Custom Cable - RJ45 to USB male


Custom Cable - USB female to USB male


Custom Cable - Methode p/n 10100618H


Custom Cable - Methode p/n 10100619H


Custom Cable - Methode p/n 10100620H


DB9P MALE IDC type to 2.54mm DIP 10P cable SE-S-0055- Cable: 2BAWG*9C 1.27MM PITCH FLAT CABLE


RG316 Cable - SMA Type Male to MCX female- Available in option lengths.

QSFP Cable

QSFP Cable - 3X Port Density over SFP/SFP+. Designed to be compliant with QSFP+ MSA and SFF-8431/ SFF-8461 / SFF-8074I

How to Proceed - Your Company can provide us the technical requirement for your product needs. We will take rough drawings which you can submit to us. Custom designs are reviewed by our staff and we will let you know within 24 hours if we can provide a quotation for your product.

Our technical staff will consult with you, during this review process. If we provide a quotation the next step would be for us to provide a detailed drawing which your company will approve before we start production. After you have approved the drawings your company can place your order. Production will be performed in one of our factories in Taiwan or China.