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Xmultiple has a full line of data center connectors and component solutions. Data center may be synonymous with network operations center (NOC) and they require a non-failure solution for all the equipment in the center. Xmultiple connectors are the best solution of automated systems that constantly monitor server activity, Web traffic, and network performance. Listed below is a wide variety of data center equipment which use Xmultiple products.


Xmultiple connectors and components are designed for use in server configurations. The Xmultiple server solutions design to optimize mainframes, blades, and rackmount equipment.

Network Switches

Data centers demand increased speed and bandwidth. Xmultiple's high-speed switching interconnect connectors answer the needs and requirement for all networking devices.

Storage Equipment

Connectors are a key element to all storage array including DAS, NAS, RAID, JBOD, or other storage array equipment. Xmultiple's storage connector solutions are designed for any configuration.

Cable Management

Xmultiple's copper and optic cabling, cable management systems, patch panels and enclosures will provide high-speed data center connectivity for any companies requirement.




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