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Renewable energy technologies are a growing industry. To maximize this renewable energy there is a need to design and develop a better means to economically store energy at the electrical grid locations. Maintaining a improved system to store energy is the key to expanding the use of renewable energy. Today the technologies for the storage of energy have been limited. Recent breakthroughs in battery technology and other electricity storage systems have emerged and the future is bright for transitioning the world to a lower carbon economy. The use of renewable energy such as solar and wind is on the rise. These technologies are still at a high cost and have limited efficiencies. Energy companies have also been limited by a lack of grad infrastructure to store energy in mass and high volumes. Xmultiple is focused on new technologies to make mass use of renewable energy.

Products to Conserve and Save Energy

Products for conserving and saving energy are being developed at a fast pace. Energy companies have made strides in improving their meters to be more efficient. A new generation of energy monitoring systems can determine the energy use in homes and offices. Smart systems (Smart Meters) have been developed which can monitor energy being used and shutdown the energy when it is not be actively used. Customers with these devices can access their prior dayˇ¦s electricity usage through their utilityˇ¦s website. In the near future, customers will be able to adjust their usage instantaneously in response to changes in prices or system reliability events, for example by delaying the use of a high energy appliance or shutting it off. Use of energy has never been efficiently monitored in this way to eliminating the loss of energy. This is the most important next step in Energy Measurement Smart Monitoring Systems (EMSMS). Sensors on all devices from a wall switch, appliance or heating/air conditioning system will permit this energy monitoring to take place and then regulate and control the energy when it is not being used.


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