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Question:    How is Literature requested?

Answer:     Contact either your XMULTIPLE sales representative or your local Distributor / Representative.

Question:    How Do I obtain pricing for quantities not on the XMULTIPLE Price List?

Answer:   Contact XMULTIPLE and pricing for large quantity levels will be provided within 24 hours from the request.    The most updated XMULTIPLE price lists are available from your local representatives and Distributors.

Question:    What length of time is delivery on average?

Answer:    The delivery is 2 to 4 weeks are most products.  The FOB is Hong Kong, or Taiwan or Los Angeles depending on availability and product.

Question:   Is Local Stocking of Products available?

Answer:   Distributor stocking is a major requirement of most large accounts and XMULITPLE will work to have good Distribution channels.

Question:    How Do I get Samples?

Answer:   Samples are provided upon request.

Question:    What is the minimum Order?

Answer:      Minimum order is $100. 

Question:    What is the typical Order Size?

Answer:    The typical order size is $100k for large accounts and $10k for small accounts.   Companies developing new products often do not know what he requires will be until the product is released.

Question:    Where are the manufacturing facilities for XMULTIPLE?

Answer:     Taiwan and China.

Question:  Do RJ/LED products manufactured by XMULTIPL operate with Cat 5 and Cat 5e?

Answer:   Yes. The RJ/LED product line is manufactured to operate on CAT 5, Cat 5e or higher.  There are issues of the plating on the wires and XMULTIPLE coats the wires with 6u,15u, 30u and 50u. 

Question:    Are their PowerPoint Presentations?

Answer:     Yes, Our local Representatives and Distributors can provide these to you.

Question:    Are their Training Aids?

Answer:    XMUULTIPLE training aids include white papers, application notes and reference drawings which are all provided on the website.

Question:    What is XMULTIPLE’s Credit Policy?

Answer:     XMULTIPLE products are custom products due to the wide variety of color options.  We do not provide credits.  However, we will work with accounts that have purchased an item and would like to exchange it.    XMULTIPLE will do this on a “best effort” basis.

Question:    Who are my main contacts at XMULTIPLE?

Answer:     Contact information is listed on the website.  Listed below are the XMULTIPLE addresses and contacts.


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