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Why Are 3rd-Party Optical Transceivers So Popular?

Nowadays, people prefer to use 3rd-party optical transceivers rather than officially-branded's. The increasing market demands of 3rd-party transceivers illustrate the point. There is absolutely no difference between an officially-branded transceiver and a 3rd-party plug. As long as transceivers meet the international standards, there is no question of compatibility between fiber optic transceiver modules. Actually, most ˇ§third partyˇ¨ transceivers are made and assembled in exactly the same plants assembling officially-branded transceivers. In addition, the primary benefit is the cost savings. The difference in price often exceeds 80 percent or more. Because transceiver costs are a significant part of the total system cost, it is important for designers to minimize these costs. With the significant savings, designers can re-invest and make their designs better. This is why 3rd-party transceivers are more and more popular with users.

Xmultiple Brings You the Broadest Range of Quality 3rd-Party Optical Transceivers

We manufacture all form factors (SFP, XFP, QSFP, CFP, QSFP28 etc) from 100M to 100GB from reaches of a few meters to 180km.

We deliver products manufactured to specific standards that follow the industry multi source agreement ( MSA.) All products undergo rigorous testing to meet our stringent quality assurance. Transceivers are tested in target switches to ensure 100% compatibility in hardware from vendors such as Cisco, 3Com, HP, Juniper, Extreme, Nortel etc.

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