What is AEC?


From Xmultiple Engineering Dept.

AEC is an abbreviation of "Automotive Electronics Council." AEC is an industry organization that promotes the standardization of reliability or qualification standards for automotive electronic components, consisting of major auto manufacturers and major electronic component manufacturers in the USA. The AEC-Qxxx standards are widely adopted as standards for automotive electronic components, practically serving as the industry standards.These standards are classified into the following groups, according to the component category.

AEC-Q100: Integrated circuits (ICs)
AEC-Q101: Discrete semiconductor components (transistors, diodes, etc.)
AEC-Q200: Passive components (capacitors, connectors, inductors, etc.)

Features of AEC-Q200

Standards are set to confirm the high reliability of products, including high-temperature/high-humidity resistance, thermal shock resistance, and durability.

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