Fiber Optic RoadMap

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Fiber Optic connectors have been available since the 1980s. Their growth was the conversion of the telecom physical plant to fiber íV single mode in the long haul network, multimode in telecom equipment, cross-connect boxes and networks. This is almost 100% complete. The latest Telco development, which has had a very long gestation period (way behind Broadband Coax), is Fiber to the Home, with Bell South/AT&T and Verizon rolling out fiber optic voice, high speed internet and video systems.

Roadmap Question íV Where Will Fiber Optics be Used:

Telco: Metro,

High Perf. Networks, Computing, Storage, Equip Cabling

Enterprise Servers & Storage Equip


Desktop Super Computers

Medical Electronics

High End Audio/Video Equip
Digital Audio


Widespread Use in Electronic Packaging ~

Some Automotive & Office Equip. Future Developments in Cu Circuitry, ICs & PCBs,

Transportation, Elec Power EOIC Developments & Major OEM Adoption (Intel)

Mil-Aerospace Mainstream EOIC System Packaging íV Circa 2017
What Elements of an All-Photonic System are Available?

GaAs, InPh Lasers, WDMs, Planar Lightwave Circuits (PLCs) in Si & InPh, Transceivers, Connectors, Waveguides, Cables. These can address High Speed Backplanes to 20Gbps or more. Available Waveguides include traditional Glass Fiber + High Index Delta for Small Bend Radii, Polymer Waveguides, & Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) that achieve High Bandwidth through Graded Index Cores.

Near-Term Developments:

Intel: Si Haman Lasers, Waveguides, Si Laser Sources

Multiple SiP w/Optical Interconnect

PCBs w/ Integrated or Stand-alone Waveguides

3D Chip Stacking w/EOICs

20-40 Gbps Cu Backplanes would delay FO Implementation.


Cost Constrains & other Factors will delay widespread use of Fiber Optics inside Electronic Systems till 2017 or Beyond. This assumes continuing evolution of Cu Circuitry. There will be a gradual adoption of FO íV and some Significant New Applications in FTTC, HPCC, Medical, ITHS and other Applications.

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