Xmultiple UltraJAX Connectors Reduce EMI/RFI


From Xmultiple Engineering Dept.

Xmultiple UltraJAX Connectors Reduce EMI/RFI by eliminating the main source of leakage for RJ connectors.

Xmultiple Technologies UltraJAX RJ Connectors reduce EMI/RFI. The UltraJAX connectors eliminate contact pins normally associated with RJ connectors. NO CONTACT PINS which are the root cause of the leakage and noise problems for RJ style connectors. in addition, Xmultiple has expanded this product line of UltraJAX RJ-11/RJ-45 Connectors with integrated magnetics as well.

Xmultiple EMI/RFI connectors are design so you have no need for suppression gasket recently released by other connector manufacturer companies. With the new UltraJAX connector, Xmultiple offers a complete line of single and multi-port RJ-45 connectors which employ Xmultiple's unique combination of contacts pads on a printed circuit board integrated inside the RJ connectors to provide EMI/RFI suppression technology.

How Does the UltraJAX Connector Work?

Today's high speed transmission rates are emeging for connections by users to servers in networking environments. The clock and data rates are at 1000Mbps and higher. With this higher speed, EMI/RFI compliance requirements are harder to achieve without careful thought during the design process. When analyizing RJ connectors for EMI/RFI requirements, RJ connectors are being improved with designs of staggered contact pins and better contact pin alignments. Xmultiple has taken this element of the RJ connector for EMI/RFI one step further to improve performance in high speed transmission designs. Xmultiple with the new UltraJAX connectors has eliminated the contact pins altogether. The new UltraJAX connector uses an integrated printed circuit board with contact pads on the PCB. The male UltraJAX connector is designed to insert around the printed circuit board inside the female UltraJAX. This UltraJAX male and female connector make a snug connection once mated. The UltraJAX connectors have tabs just like a standard RJ connector. UltraJAX connector solves the problem with this PCB EMI/RFI design by suppressing the 'leaks' inside the connector. A whole new approach with tackles the problem of EMI and RFI for all the existing and emerging high speed data rates. Call today for samples and test UltraJAX if you are current design with EMI/RFI considerations for high speed transmissions.

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