XPower1 Rechargeable Battery USB Cable Advantages and Features


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Advantages and Features of X-Power1 Rechargeable Battery Cable

Have a dead or low battery on your iPhone or iPod? No problem.

Now you donˇ¦t need to be tethered to a computer/wall outlet/car adapter for the time it takes to charge the battery when you just donˇ¦t have the time and/or these other power sources are not convenient. So if you intend to go mobile away from a power source when your iPhone/iPod is showing low on juice, you now have the comfort of knowing that a ˇ§portableˇ¨ back-up power source is with you when you need it. When you do have the time to charge youˇ¦re iPhone/iPod. Just plug the X-Power1 into a USB outlet and the X-Power1 charge/sync cable circuitry will charge the iPhone/iPod, then its integrated lithium-ion battery for the next time portable mobile power is needed. For flexibility, most people will have a X-Power1 charge/sync cable in their car, their home and their place of work.

Granted, there are other portable power sources for the iPhone/iPod, but they tend to be large units that either fit on the back of the iPhone/iPod or connect to the iPhone/iPod connector and dangle off the bottom of the unit, which could put additional stress on the iPhone/iPod proprietary connector. Plus these units will need to be charged separately from the iPhoneiPod, just more cables and adapters to pack around. We have everything integrated into the X-Power1 power/sync cable. Making things a lot easier for you, the consumer. X-Power1 is available in different lengths: 6 inches, 20 inches, 30 inches and also offered in a small compact retractable cable design for easy storage.



  • Additional talk time 4.5 hours on 3G and 9 hours on 2G. Up to 5.4 hours additional on Wi-Fi.
  • Standby time up to 270 hours. Audio Playback up to 20 hours and Video Playback 6 hours.
  • Optional USB to AC power adapter available
  • Patent Pending technology with rechargeable battery built-in to your USB Cable
  • Always fully charged and recharges with every sync connector made with your computer
  • Optional cord strap keeps cable coiled
  • Provides power when your iPhone,iPod Touch or iPod have run out of juice.
  • Charges your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod battery and provide backup power when you need it.
  • Operates exactly like the standard iPhone/iPod Touch /iPod USB synch/charging cable
  • Have power in emergencies. Plugs directly into iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod.
  • Have power for the iPhone3G/iPod Touch/iPod anywhere.
  • Lightweight, slim and compact size.
  • Cable available in different size: 6 inches, 20 inches or 30 inches.
  • Color: Black or white
  • Lithium-ion Battery X-Power1 Specification Datasheet
  • X-Power1 Advanced Unit with Optional Flash Memory Card Capabilty X-Power1 Flash Memory Card Datasheet
  • Power and sync cable for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod with the added advantage of having a battery backup unit integrated. Also available for other cellphones and MP3 players. X-Power1 Specification Page
  • You have a second cable to keep in your desk, car or in your notebook case to take with you when you are on the move. Take X-Power1 with you when you are on the go traveling, hiking, camping, biking, skiing, at sporting events, in airplanes or just running around town. Never be without backup power. X-Power1 is patent pending. X-Power1 Rechargeable Battary Backup Datasheet

XPower1 Rechargeable Battery USB Cable Brochure


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