Power Inductor Specification and Ordering Information?


From Xmultiple Engineering Dept.

1.Inductance Value and Tolerances

Inductance value refers to the technical products that require to the
frequency test mark . Inductance units are H,mH,uH,nH. Tolerance degree:

F(กำ1%), G(กำ2%), H(กำ3%), J(กำ5%), , K(กำ10%), L(กำ15%), M(กำ20%), P(กำ25%), N(กำ30%), and J,K,M are the common use.

2. Testing Frequency

To measure L, Q , DCR value correctly , alternating current must be added to the tested inductors according with the regulations, the alternating current , which the more approach actual operating frequency the better. Units of inductance value at present as low as to nH and frequency testing instruments are require as high as to 3G.

3. DCR

Inductors must be tested the max DCR, the smaller the better. Howerver, power inductors are not acquired tested DCR (test wire specification only).

4. The Max Current

The max current are 1.25-1.5 times of the rate current , and the max current reduce to 50% will be more security.

5. Anti-Electronic Strength & Moisture Proof

For the anti-electronic strength inductors, shielded-material & high-voltage tolerance should be optioned,the higher voltage inductors the moisture proof better, Using resin immersion, encapsulation and SMT craft are able to meet the requirements.


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