Illustrates the Difference Between Horizontal and Vertical Pin Layouts?

  From Xmultiple Engineering Dept.

The figure below illustrates the difference between Vertical Pin and Horizontal Pin PCB layouts. In the Xmultiple part numbering denotes horizonal pins with the letters A, C, D, F, J, K, S and vertical pins are denoted with the letter E. These numbers are used immediately after the number of ports in the part numbering. The S and K also indicate the pins are oblique so please referrence you drawing as well. Part numbering example where E denotes vertical pins: XRJH-01E-1-D12-180.

1. Horizontal Pin Layouts

Horizontal Pins are designed in a horizontal pattern which is from left to right. Horizonal Pin layouts are also referred to as Staggered Pin layouts.

2. Vertical Pin Layouts

Vertical Pins are designed in a vertical pattern which is from top to bottom.


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