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Dual RJ45 Connectors - Emerging UltraJAX Connectors and Cable Devices

An RJ Style connector which expands the port count of this connectivity and results in a space savings. In addition, one version of the UltraJAX are designed for harsh environments. RJ11 and RJ45 Connectors functionality can be combined into on UltraJAX connector. UltraJAX connectors perform the functions of multiple RJ11 and RJ45 connectors. Ultrajax is the first major innovation in RJ connectivity. In the networking world UltraJax will double the port count of hubs, switches, routers and adapter cards.

The pictured hub is a 16 port hub with only eight UltraJAX connectors to provide this capacity. This picture is the one port version of the UltraJax Dual RJ45 connector. UltraJAX connectors are available in multi-port and stackable connectors as well. In the telephone world UltraJax will provide double the connections to telephones in products such as phone hand-sets, wallplates, and patch panels. UltraJax are the next generation of RJ connectors and will be marketed worldwide in the coming years. UltraJAX technology is protected with patents using contact pins as well as our printed circuit board design for use in harsh environments.

Patents (UltraJax) - International Patents are not listed.

1.. Dual function RJ Connector íV Inventor Pocrass | Patent number 6,595,805
2. Multi-function RJ Connector - Inventor: Pocrass | Patent Number: 6,568,965
3. Multi-function RJ Connector - Inventor: Pocrass | Patent Number: 6,558,20
4. Dual function RJ Connector - Inventor: Pocrass | Patent Number: 6,544,076
5. Dual function RJ Connector -Inventor: Pocrass | Patent Number: 6,592,397

An RJ connector with double the contacts of existing RJ Connectors.

XMULTIPLE has developed the UltraJaX connector for multiple uses including; an RJ11/RJ45 combo connector or any combination of the two types of connectors, a high density contact connector providing twice the number of contacts compared to existing RJ Connector, a high-speed networking connector for such products as Gigabit networking equipment. Pictured below is an RJ11 UltraJax Connector in the Keystone format for insertion into a standard wallplate. In the home, Ultrajax eliminates the need for two splitters and every wallplate in the house has the capability of plugging one twisted pair wire into the connector and the wire splits into two separate wires for connections to telephones and computer modems. This is one example of why every RJ11 wallplate in a home should be an UltraJax.


UltraJAX Uses Existing Cables and Wiring.

UltraJAX uses existing cables and wiring with a complete line of adapters and cables which also can be custom made to any lengths. The UltraJAX adapters are splitter cables with UltraJax males at one end and multiple RJ45 or RJ11's at the other. Call for samples of cables or adapters such as the UltraJAX with two RJ45 pictured below. Ultrajax users do not have any concerns about using this product as a non-standard because it truly functions as a standard RJ connector. Simple use the cost effective adaptor cables to create more functionality than ever before and at the same time utilize half the space on your board.


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