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From Xmultiple Management

Corporate blogs have emerged as more and more companies benefit by speaking directly to customers and potential customers. Xmultiple Technologies promotes employee blogging more aggressively in the interconnection solutions market than many of our competitors who limit their employees communications online. As National Sales Manager of Xmultiple and author of a company blog we encourage you to help our company with your input and feedback. Our blog is read by thousands of visitors every month.

"Researchers, engineers and developers can discuss ideas, to build better products, and meet online. Our Blog also plays the role of a suggestion-box. Xmultiple's employees will speak directly to customers and potential customers online with blog messges to provide information on technical and non technical issues. Xmultiple believes blogs show customers that the company is paying attention to their concerns. Blogs are also a major channel for communicating with engineers and designers outside the company who design hardware for our customers."

"Xmultiple employees blog about their work and share their thoughts about, among other things, Xmultiple's competitors. Xmultiple products provide many pin-to-pin compatible solutions to help our customers have primary and second sources for the products they purchase from us. Xmultiple believes it is important for our customers to have suppliers with compatibility and provide assurances whenever possible to provide a steady flow of readily available products with the shortest leadtimes possible in our industry. The advantages of a good website with online blog information is that our customers are being provided with the supplier information they want and need. Our Xmultiple website provides a vast amount of technical drawings, specifications and information. In addition, the Blog and the Xmultiple website is a means for Xmultiple engineers and our customers engineers to discuss interconnection problems they may have such as product assembly issues. We invite our website visitors and readers to submit product feedback with suggestions to improve our products. We look forward to reading your blog messages."


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