Xmultiple SFP and SFP Plus Products for 10GB and Fibre Channel 8GB is very extensive and this market is growing quickly.


Xmultiple's Engineering Department

Please review our presentation regarding the SFP and SFP plus products which will provide information on target markets and how this product is used. The market for the SFP Plus is the emerging 10GB and Fibre Channel 8GB markets which are just starting with many networking equipment manufacturers developing and releasing products in 2009. We are working closely with the chip manufacturers regaring 10GB transformers to work with their chipsets for Ethernet 10GB over twisted pair wiring. Xmultiple has a patent pending technology for 10GB transformers which the chip manufacturers want to use to reduce EMI and improve performance.

The SFP Plus market is going to be very strong starting at the end of 2009 and for years to come.


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