RJ Male Plug - Federal Communication Commissions Publication 68.500 And TIA 968-A Standard Document


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What is the RJ male plug standard. The standard is documented in the Federal Communication Commissions publication 68.500.

The standard plug height in the area shown is 8.0010 mm (.315 inch) maximum. The standard plug length is 23.1140 mm (.910 inch) maximum. Plugs may be made longer than standard or adapted for direct use on special cords, adapters without cordage, apparatus or equipment subject to the limitations described in the introductory paragraphs of 68.500 of the Federal Communication Commissions publication. Plugs longer and/ or higher than standard may inhibit the special features of some network jack enclosures.

TIA-968-A Final Document.

Federal Communication Commissions Part 68 Document

Federal Communication Commissions Website -publication 68.500.



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