Plan-Do-Check-ACT - PDCA Quality Management Systems Process Approach


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The ISO9001:2015 standard encourages users to implement the highest level of standards for their quality management system. The Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle was developed by Walter Shewhart. W. Edward Deming later provide this system to the people he worked with over his career. The PDCA concept which is deployed within the processes of a quality management system and once applied it provides a continuous improving process capability. The PDCA cycle is defined below.

"Plan" - Objectives are established. This process of planning to a customer's requirement delivers results.

"Do" - As you would think from the word "do" it means to implement the process.

"Check" - Processes of monitoring and measuring the achievement of meeting the objectives. In this process the results show if the policies and requirements are being achieved.

"Act" - Action to improve processes.


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