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What does Xmultiple Technologies base itˇ¦s a UL CE declaration on?
Xmultiple Technologies uses test results for the basis of all UL CE declarations.

Some European customer requests TUV, VDE or some other recognized European Certification Mark.

It has become viewed by some European customers that a product with only a UL or CE Mark may not always be compliant. These requests are usually made because there is a problem for importers when they are not the actual manufacturer of the products and they present compliance UL and CE Mark. Therefore many customers of importers ask for a second European safety certification such as TUV or VDE. The demand for a TUV or VDE Certification is driven by the need to have a higher degree of assurance of continued compliance than that offer by the self-declaration process of UL and CE.

Why doesnˇ¦t Xmultiple Technologies and other major connector and component manufacturers offer a TUV or VDE mark?

Xmultiple Technologies uses the UL and CE mark for European compliance. To offer TUV or any other European mark would simply add to the cost of the product and not give the customer any more degree of assured compliance with product safety requirements. This is in keeping with the global regulatory trends and Xmultipleˇ¦s certifications provide the higher degree of assurance to our connector, component and consumer device customers. Xmultiple is committed to provide global safety standards for all of our products.



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