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10G RJ Connector with Future-Compatibility Guarantee Design

Xmultiple's Engineering Department



The Xmultiple RJ XMJac 10G is the next generation RJ45 connector for high speed 10 Gigabit connections. The XMJac 10G RJ45 connector includes guaranteed future-compatibility design for 10 Gigabit Ethernet. The XMJax 10G has an added feature of a environment protection for any location include unfriendly industrial production floors. Dust and grime will not interfere with your connection. The 10G connection is reliable with a advanced insulation displacement technology. The XMJax has from 10 contact positions to 20 contact positions so one connector can optionally operate like two RJ 10G connectors. The XMJax provides 10G installations with future and compatibility with existing 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet installations.

The XMJax 10G Cables have and advanced locking system for secure connections of the male and female XMJax connectors. The XMJax splitter cables provide users with a connection to all existing Ethernet cable types for total compatibility. The XMJax G10 has a compact design with make installation and assembly very easy. XMJax 10G meets the specifications of the industry-standard IP 20. XMJax 10G are configured in one port, multi-port and stacked RJ45 jacks.


1. Straight and Right Angled Configurations

2. Dual connector is optional with a wire sections of AWG 27 / 7 to AWG 22 / 1 and cable for use with all Ethernet cable types in industry and Office IT

3.Installation Friendly with easy of assembly

4. Cat. 6, transfer class EA, suitable for 1 and 10 Gigabit Ethernet

5. One port, multi-port and stacked module configurations

6. Suitable for industry, with environmental protection

7. The same installation technology for all connector types from IP 20 to PushPull

8. Future-Compatibility Guaranteed with up to 20 contact positions

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