LED Polarity Testing Procedures and Equipment


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LED's have a positive side and a negative side, and will only light up when wired correctly. Most LED's have one longer lead to indicate the polarity, however once LEDs are integrated into Xmulitple RJ connectors these leads are the same size. It is important that you determine the LED polarity you require for your product before ordering Xmultiple LED RJ connectors. The diagram below shows the positive (+) and negative (-) information you need to look at in our drawings to make sure the polarity is correct and will meet your requirement.


Xmultple LED Test Fixtures

Xmultiple can provide an LED test fixtures for a small tooling cost to customers who would like to have a fixture for LED testing. Please contact your local sales representative or call Xmultiple customer support for a quote.


Attached is a testing of LED polarity using an Instek GSP-3030DD DC Power Supply Testing Device.


Pictured below are simple LED testing devices which are available for confirming during assembly that the connector lights are working properly.


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