Aluminum Covers for SMT RJ Connector Assembly


Xmultiple's Engineering Department

Listed below are the Reflow and Wave Soldering Profiles for the surface mount XRJS and XMS RJ connectors. The XRJS and XMS are available with and without LEDs. For the LED versions the soldering profiles must be strictly adhere to for the protection of the LEDs integrated in these connectors.

Please check the attached recommended solder files carefully before assembly. If you have failure with the LEDs not illuminating after your soldering process you have exceed the recommended profiles. In many cases one LED will be damage yet the second LED may operate. This occurs because of the position of the pins on your printed circuit board and how the heat distributes during the IR process.

Xmultiple recommends the use of aluminum covers during the soldering process to protect the LEDs connector for IR process. A protective aluminum cover is pictured below.

Recommend Reflow Soldering Profile -XRJS and XMS

Recommended Wave Soldering Profile - XRJS and XMS


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