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Xmultiple's Engineering Department


Digital Audio/Video Connector

Designer- VESA , Designed in May 2006


Hot pluggable

Audio signal
Optional; 1íV8 channels, 16 or 24-bit linear PCM; 32 to 192 KHz sampling rate; maximum bitrate 49,152 kbit/s (6MB/s)

Video signal
Optional, maximum resolution limited by available bandwidth

3 meters for full bandwidth transmission over passive cable.
33 meters over active cable.

20 pins for external connectors on desktops, notebooks, graphics cards, monitors, etc. and 30/20 pins for internal connections between graphics engines and built-in flat panels.



+3.3 V

Max. voltage
16.0 V

Max. current
500 mA



Data signal

1.62, 2.7, or 5.4 Gbit/s data rate per lane; 1, 2, or 4 lanes; (effective total 5.184, 8.64, or 17.28 Gbit/s for 4-lane link); 1 Mbit/s or 720 Mbit/s for the auxiliary channel.



Pin out

External connector (source-side) on PCB

Pin 1
ML_Lane 0 (p) Lane 0 (positive)

Pin 2
GND Ground

Pin 3
ML_Lane 0 (n) Lane 0 (negative)

Pin 4
ML_Lane 1 (p) Lane 1 (positive)

Pin 5
GND Ground

Pin 6
ML_Lane 1 (n) Lane 1 (negative)

Pin 7
ML_Lane 2 (p) Lane 2 (positive)

Pin 8
GND Ground

Pin 9
ML_Lane 2 (n) Lane 2 (negative)

Pin 10
ML_Lane 3 (p) Lane 3 (positive)

Pin 11
GND Ground

Pin 12
ML_Lane 3 (n) Lane 3 (negative)

Pin 13
CONFIG1 connected to Ground1)

Pin 14
CONFIG2 connected to Ground1)

Pin 15
AUX CH (p) Auxiliary Channel (positive)

Pin 16
GND Ground

Pin 17
AUX CH (n) Auxiliary Channel (negative)

Pin 18
Hot Plug Hot Plug Detect

Pin 19

Return Return for Power

Pin 20
DP_PWR Power for connector (3.3 V 500 mA)
1.Pins 13 and 14 may either be directly connected to ground or connected to ground through a pulldown device.

2.This is the pinout for source-side connector, the sink-side connector pinout will have lanes 0íV3 reversed in order; i.e., lane 3 will be on pin 1(n) and 3(p) while lane 0 will be on pin 10 and 12.

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