What does OCL mean?


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OCL is Open Circuit Inductance. To add inductance to a circuit, electronic components called inductors are used. Inductors consisting of coils of wire to concentrate the magnetic field and so that the magnetic field is linked into the circuit more than once.

Xmultiple magnetic connectors and PoE connectors are compliant with the IEEE¡¦s 802.3u Fast Ethernet and 802.3af PoE standards along with ANSI¡¦s X3.263 standards, and meet IEEE 802.3 HiPot isolation requirements. They provide a 350 £gH minimum open circuit inductance (OCL) with 8-mA bias per the PoE specificaitons and for PoE Plus our connectors are compliant as well with the new OCL specifications required.

Applications include industrial Ethernet, motor drive controls, network interface cards (NICs), and Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones.

Please read the attached application note for the affects of OCL in PoE applications. Application Note 23-210 OCL



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