Soldering Methods for Xmultiple Terminal Blocks and Header Connectors- Solder Reflow Temperature Charts


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There are industry designed solder-reflow profiles which provide the optimum method for processing SMD package types for both traditional SnPb solders and for Pb-free solders. The maximum temperatures used for Pb-free solder processes tend to be higher than the traditional SnPb processing temperatures. Charts listed below show a typical higher temperature solder-reflow profile for SMD packages using traditional SnPb solder. Solding Method Charts for Header Connectors and Termainal Blocks in the charts listed below provide a typical maximum solder-reflow profile for SMD packages, using Pb-free solders. Comparison of the two figures reveals the extent to which Pb-free processing may require higher maximum process temperatures. Reflow soldering of through-hole devices is acceptable, as long as the plastic body of the device is not exposed to excessive temperatures. Exceptions to the above are the SA and SB package types, which have a thermoplastic housing that can deform if exposed to such high temperatures. If it is necessary to perform a reflow process on these packages, a special protective pallet must be built to shield the SA and SB packages so that the temperature of the housings does
not exceed 170¢XC.

Soldering Methods for Xmultiple Terminal Blocks
Soldering Methods for Xmultiple Header Connectors
Soldering Process


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