POE 802.3at Features


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IEEE standard for extended power over Ethernet: 802.3at, or POE Plus. POE Plus has the following features:

1. Increased electrical power - POE Plus nearly doubles the amount of electrical power available to powered devices, to 25.5 watts.

2. Compatible with 802.3af POE - POE Plus switches and injectors will recognise 802.3af powered devices and enable POE to them as normal. POE Plus powered devices can also be connected to 802.3af POE switches or injectors, and are supposed to restrict how much power they use accordingly.

3. Smart power budgeting - 802.3at includes scope for power sources and powered devices to communicate with each other to negotiate an allowance of electrical power.

4. POE Plus means that a more complete range of network equipment can now be POE-powered, including IP cameras with heater/blowers, and multichannel wireless access points.

5. 802.3at exists alongside the 802.3af standard; it does not replace it. 802.3af will still be employed by the majority of Power over Ethernet devices for the foreseeable future.


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