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About EUR-Lex

EUR-Lex provides free access to European Union law and other documents considered to be public. The website is available in 23 official languages of the European Union; choose your preferred language from the language bar at the top of the homepage.

The contents of the site amount to some 2 815 000 documents with texts dating back to 1951. The database is updated daily and every year around 12 000 documents are added.

EUR-Lex offers:

Daily editions of the Official Journal of the European Union online,
simple search, advanced search and browsing options,
the possibility to display and/or download documents (PDF, HTML, DOC, TIFF), analytical metadata for each document.

Access the Official Journal of the European Union

The Official Journal of the European Union is the principal source of EUR-Lex content and it is published in the early morning after every working day. It consists of two series: L (Legislation) and C (Information and Notices). E and A are Official Journals published as annexes to the C series (e.g. C 307 A, C 309 E).Latest issues are accessible from the homepage; click on the links in the upper right-hand corner, just under the language bar.

You have direct access to all the documents in your list of search results; just click on your preferred format. You can also check which languages and formats are available, display complementary data, sort or refine your search result to get more relevant documents (find these options on the yellow bar and/or the search box). You can review and/or combine the queries made in one session by clicking on Search history.



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