RJ Connector Reliability Testing


Xmultiple's Engineering Department

Xmultiple Performs Extensive Reliability Testing On All Connectors.

Our company is looking for anti-corrosive connectors for some of the locking system we are designing for our customer. In order to improve the competitiveness of our products and reduce the occurrence of defective products we perform through quality product testing.

All of reliable test is performeed to assure quality and to improve the product life cycle, and lfe. When the environmental condition is affected by regular control, it will reduce the quality of exception handling time.


Oberving the adhesion between of source materials. A good solder point, whether mechanical or electrical function can not go wrong in the product life. The situation of the solder side to be stained with tin. Is the amount of tin well situated. or Is the solder side complete and smooth. Solderability is a key issue.

Temperature Life

Observing that the ability of an electrical connector and sockets to withstand elevated temperatures is tested. We test our connectors in a heat chamber at a temperature of 65 degree+/-2degree for 96 hours.

Contact Normal Force

We perform test for electrical integrity and stability of the contact interface by contact normal force - 0.1kgf min.

Insulation Resistance

We determine the value of electrical interference by this test.

500m[ min. initial.

200m[ min. final.

Contact Resistance

At a certain current, observed contact between plug and pin point

40 m[ max. initial.

50 m[ max. final.


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