PC connector market expanding rapidly


Xmultiple's Engineering Department

The cable assembly business and the connector business are very closely tied together in which many cable assembly producers collaborate with connector makers. Both the cable assembly companies and the connector companies are bonded in business.   

The connector market includes many American companies who dominate this industry. In addition many Asian companies located in both China and Taiwan have the dominance in the connector business as well. The desktop connector market is an area of the connector market where a large number of Asian manufacturers competing. The notebook connector market is a growing and expanding market with the 90% of all notebooks worldwide manufactured by Taiwanese companies. Xmultiple's has a concentrated focus on the internal connector business and the external connector business.

Xmultiple main manufacturing facility is located in Taipei, Taiwan and this is due to Taiwan becoming the main center of manufacturers of laptops and desktop computers with 80% of the PC devices being made in Taiwan. Output value of the connector industry in Taiwan reached roughly TWD158 billion (or about USD5.448 billion).   

Xmultiple connectors are made for all types of industries. Memory card connector, DT CPU SOCKET connector, connectors for PCs, smartphone, healthcare, automotive and solar energy fields are all manufactured by Xmultiple. NB BTB internal connector, Audio Jack/DC, USB connectors and HDMI connectors are increasing in usage as well with the increased sale of computer, laptop, and tablet computers. With the increase in mobile devices wireless antennas are increasing in volume sales at a dramatic pace as well. ODD connectors, LCD MONITOR FFC connectors, and the D-SUB connector business are expanding. Xmultiple main focus is in the RJ45 connector field and this is where we have many patented technologies and most notably our 4,978,317 patent for RJ connectors with integrated LEDs is now used worldwide.

Xmultiple is regarded as a leader in the RJ connector field as a result of these patents. Xmultiple has taken the initiative to purchase other manufactures in the connectors market located in the Chinese Mainland. This is a move which helps to facilitate our fast growth. Xmultiple is part of the skyrocketing growth of connector producers on the Chinese mainland due to the ability to manufacture connectors at very low pricing. Xmultiple can offer our customer low pricing for all the connectors they need for their requirements.

Xmultiple serves many industries, with the following Datacom industry products leading the way. 

1.PC Connector Industry   
2. Notebook Market  
3. China Notebook Market  
4. Ultrabook Market  
5. Tablet PC Market  
6. Mobility Devices
7. Smartphones


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