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GR-1217 contains proposed, generic physical design requirements for separable connector products used in a typical service provider network. The generic requirements defined in this NEBS (Network-Equipment Building System) document apply to separable electrical connectors used in typical service providers' electronic telecommunications networks. The scope includes Printed Wiring Board (PWB) connectors, coaxial and cable connectors of various types, and IC sockets. It includes connectors made with noble and non-noble metal contact finishes. However, these requirements do not apply to non-metallic optical connectors used for mating of fiber optics or to connectors intended for AC power applications. The pin and socket connector, widely used by equipment manufacturers to interface PWB assemblies to backplanes in current telecommunications systems, is the most prominent and the most critical application within this scope. Edge-card connectors with plated contact fingers are also included in the PWB classification.

GR-1217 meets all quality level standards for electrical connectors, plus:
Provides a comprehensive treatment of electrical connector performance for telecommunications hardware and addresses both noble
and non-noble plated connectors

1. Includes a flexible qualification methodology, which allows for cutting-edge product innovations to be qualified and used in telecommunications products

2. Emphasizes connector performance via qualification tests, as opposed to preferred metallizations; connector performance metrics were reviewed and modified where appropriate to account for reduced connectors geometrics now typically employed

3. Defines accelerated aging test methods, which can be used to determine reliability of mean time between failures of a particular connector.


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