FFC - FPC Connectors - (Flexible Flat Connector and Flexible Printed Circuit) Drawings

Xmultiple Technologies manufacturers a wide range of FPC connectors. We provide high quality Flexible Printed Circuit for all of our customers needs. In addition to Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC Connector), Xmultiple also manufacturers computer connectors. FPC connector (Flexible Printed Circuit) can be mounted directly onto the surface of PCBs. The FPC connectors have 0.50mm pitch and come in three different specifications to match the needs for your requirement.

0.50mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-242E

0.50mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-242D

0.50mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-242F

0.50mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-242G
0.80mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-241D

1.00mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-240B

1.00mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-240

1.00mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-240C
1.00mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-240D

1.00mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-240C

1.25mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-220B

1.25mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-220
1.25mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-220D

1.25mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-220C

2.54mm Pitch FFC/FPC Connector - XM-219

IC Socket - XM-209BA

Key Specifications/Special Features:

  • Number of contacts: 04 to 60 pins
  • Contact spacing: 0.5 pitch
  • Current rating: 0.5A
  • Voltage rating: 50V DC/AC
  • Contact resistance: 20m[
  • Insulation resistance: 500M[
  • Withstanding voltage: 500Vrms AC
  • Operating temperature: -40 to +85 degrees Celsius


P/N - Download Description / ProductSheet
XFPC-835B-XX-PT-X-X-41 FPC Connector
XBT-3610-S PC Board Connector
XBT-3610-P PC Board Connector
XTB-DNB-64SS121SR DIN 41612 B type straight 64pos a+b type selective gold plating type- Cross Tyco 1-1393641-4
XTB-DPA-25P12S1R-5 Board Connector- Sub D, 25 pin, 7.2mm
XTB-DDI-09PNT-S035R-SE1 Board Connector- Sub D, 9 pin, DIP with hex screw locks
XTB-396H-0250R-HE1 Board Connector- 3.96mm Header Straight Type
XTB-MM03-16T3R-SE1 Board Connector- Micro Match Connector
XTB-JS-1254-XX Board Connector- Cross JST BM10B-SRSS-TB
XBTB-050A3L-01(01) 50 Pin Board to Board Connector
XTB-PF41LXB1XX-2XXA Board Connector- Cross Tyco 7-534206-1
XTB-WF433KCE1T-1XXX Board Connector- Vertical DIP, Wafer Pitch - Cross Molex 99-99-0994
XTB-WF3X3QCA1T-1XXA Board Connector- Cross Molex 5569-03A5S-210
XTB-PN01-R-S-XX-1-148-0-0-B Board Connector- 2.54mm Pin header, right angle, 1x4, mating: 3.5mm, solder tail: 3.0mm, AL=1.42mm, full gold or gold flash, H=2.54
XTB-PHD4-M-D-x-x-1-31--0-x-x Pin Header, Pitch 1.27mm, 2x5, SMT, full gold flash , H=2.5, H+pin=2.92, mating: 3.05, solder: 5.84mm, without posts, with cap, packaged by tube
XTB-ICS01-M7.11-X-X Machine Pin, 7.11mm, 4 finger contacts
XTB-WH3002-WS-X-B Crimp Style Connector, 3.96mm pitch, Wafer
XTB-IC01-M9.53-4-X-X Machine Pin, 9.53mm, 4 finger contacts
XTB-ICSAXXTB!BC IC Socket 2.54 Pitch Dip (Rectangle)
XTB-ICSRXXSB1BC IC Socket 2.54 Pitch Dip (Circle)
DF-15 Connectors Description / ProductSheet
XTB-2065P-XXG-XXX-020 Board Connector
XTB-2065S-XXG-XXX-020 Board Connector
XTB-GA1-5H2L5-0-XXP 3 position, Board Connector


The XBTB series offers the Flexible Flat Connector (FFC) and Flexible Printed Connector (FPC) with pitch versions of 0.50-mm (.020") and 1.00-mm (.039"), and pin counts from 4 to 50. Both FFC and FPC are offered in Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) and non-ZIF versions.

Note: Xmultiple has a complete product line of Board to Board connectors. Please call for the drawings for your requirement.

Call Xmultiple Customer Support if you have any problems - 1-805-579-1100



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