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dB - Abbreviation for decibel, a measurement of power. Conductor signal loss is expressed in decibels to show the ratio of the power input to output.

dBi - The expression dBi is used to define the gain of an antenna system relative to an isotropic radiator at radio frequencies . The symbol is an abbreviation for "decibels relative to isotropic."

DCR ¡V The DCR is defined as the resistance of an inductor as a result of the resistance of the wire used in the winding.

Delay Line - Cable specifically designed to produce a long delay in electrical signal transmission by using a low velocity of propagation.

Derating Factor - A value that determines how much the power of a current-carrying wire must be reduced when used in environments other than that for which the material was intended. Direct Current Resistance ¡V The DCR is defined as the resistance of an inductor as a result of the resistance of the wire used in the winding.

DDU ¡V Delivery Duty Unpaid ¡V Is a fairly common shipping method and can be used for any mode of transport. Under DDU terms the seller is responsible for making the goods available to the buyer at a named place of destination but not cleared for import. The seller is also responsible for all the costs involved to deliver the goods to the named place of destination. The seller¡¦s risk also does not end until it reaches the names place of destination.

Dielectric - An inert material used as a non-conductive insulator to intervene between two conductors and permit electrostatic attraction and repulsion to take place.

Dielectric Constant (K) - Measure of the extent to which a material concentrates electrostatic lines of flux.

Dielectric Strength - Maximum electric voltage an insulating material can withstand without breaking down, expressed as a voltage gradient.

D-Subminiature (D-Sub) ¡V D-Sub Is a type of connector that utilizes multiple pins and a D shaped housing to make a specific cable connector. Type of D-Sub: DB9 (DE-9), BD15 (DA-15), DB25, DB37 (DC-37), DB50 (DD-50), DB13W3 and etc.

DIN ¡V Is a plug or socket connector with a circular pattern of pins in a metal sleeve. Common type of DIN connector are keyboards (DIN5 and MiniDin6), S-Video (MiniDin4) Apple ImageWriter (MinDin8).

Direct Current (D-C) - Continuous electric current that flows in only one direction and is therefore constant in value.

Displayport - DisplayPort is a digital display interface developed by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The interface is primarily used to connect a video source to a display device such as a computer monitor, though it can also be used to transmit audio, USB, and other forms of data.

Dun & Bradstreet - D&B (NYSE:DNB) is the world's leading source of commercial information and insight on businesses, enabling companies to verify a suppliers or customers credit risk. Today, D&B's global commercial database contains more than 225 million business records. The Data Universal Numbering System or D-U-N-S Number is D&B's copyrighted, proprietary means of identifying business entities. The D-U-N-S number is a unique nine-digit identification number. Xmultiple's D-U-N-S number is 04-361-8284

Durometer - Measurement of the hardness of a substance.


Eccentricity - Measure taken at the center of a conductor's location with respect to the circular cross-section of the insulator around it.

EAR99 - Export controls are implemented through the Export Administration Regulations (EAR). If your item is subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce, you should first determine if your item is designated by an Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) on the Commerce Control List (CCL). What is an EAR99 designation? EAR99 is used when there is no Export Control Classification Number classification for a item. Therefore,Items that are subject to the jurisdiction of the EAR but are not on the CCL, are designated EAR99. EAR99 serves as a ¡§basket¡¨ category for all such items. Xmultiple connectors have the EAR99 designation. EAR99 Information and Overview

ECCN - An Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) is an alphanumeric designation (i.e., 1A984 or 4A001) used in the CCL to identify items for export control purposes. An ECCN categorizes items based on the nature of the product, i.e. type of commodity,technology or software and its respective technical parameters. If you ship a commercial item from the United States to a foreign destination, your transaction is likely to be subject to the jurisdiction of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) within the U.S. Department of Commerce has jurisdiction over the export and reexport of ¡§dual-use¡¨ items (i.e., commodities, technology and software that have both civilian and military or proliferation applications). ECCN Information and Overview

Edge Computing - Edge computing refers to data processing power at the edge of a network instead of holding that processing power in a cloud or a central data warehouse. There are several examples where it's advantageous to do so. For example, in industrial Internet of Things applications such as power production, smart traffic lights,? or manufacturing, the edge devices capture streaming data that can be used to prevent a part from failing, reroute traffic, optimize production, and prevent product defects.

Edge-To-Cloud Procesing - Edge cloud processing refers to data processing power in a cloud or a central data server. In reality, an analytic model or rules might be created in a cloud then pushed out to edge devices. Some edge devices are also incapable of doing analysis.

Edge Processing - What do we mean by edge processing and why is it even necessary? Edge processing is the ability to have an intelligent processing capability located as close to the sensor or device as possible. It provides IoT device access and control, security, and localized intelligence that reduces the amount of data transmitted by isolating and sending only the pertinent data needing to be analyzed into the cloud.

Indeed, this can potentially reduce the amount of data transmitted and the need for processing capacity in the cloud by several orders of magnitude. There are a number of commercial ¡§IoT edge server¡¨ boxes, essentially modified PC servers, available from multiple vendors that act as localized intelligent controllers and processors. But is this the best way to deploy edge processing?

EICC - Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition (EICC) publishes a code of best practices called the EICC code of conduct. Please visit our EICC policies and procedures page which also provides the EICC template with a list of authorized gold smelters used by Xmultiple.

EIA and ECIA Standards- The EIA organization ceased operations in February 2011. EIA assigned ECA maintenance of all existing interconnect, passive and electro-mechanical (IP&E) and inter-department EIA standards. EIA also granted ECA the rights to develop new IP&E electronic component standards under the ANSI-designation of EIA standards. All other electronic components standards will be managed by their respective sectors. ECA joined the Electronic Components Industry Association (ECIA).

Elastomer - Elastic polymer that stretches to at least twice its length under low stress and snaps back to original length upon release of stress.

Electroplating - Process of using electrical current to coat an electrically conductive object with a relatively thin layer of metal.

Electromotive Force (EMF) - Pressure or voltage. The force which causes current to flow in a circuit. ELV stands for End of Life Vehicle Directive.

ELV - ELV stands for End of Life Vehicle Directive. ELV. ELVis the European Union (EU) Directive 2000/53/EC that restricts the use of lead, mercury, and cadmium in products used in the EU automotive industry as of 1 July 2003.

EMI - Electromagnetic interference. Unwanted electrical or electromagnetic energy that causes disturbance in the wire signal that may interrupt, obstruct or degrade the signal of the electronic equipment/hardware. Xmultiple EMI solution for the emerging 10GB.

EMI Fingers on RJ Connectors - Xmultiple recommendation is for EMI fingers.

EMP - Electromagnetic pulse.

Engaging and Separating Force - Amount of force needed to engage and/or separate contact elements in mating connectors.

Environmentally Sealed - Connector that uses one or more devices to keep out environmental factors that might lower its performance.

EOL - End-of-life (EOL) is a term used with respect to a product supplied to Xmultiple customers, indicating that the product is in the end of its useful lifetime and Xmultiple will no longer be marketing, selling, or sustaining a particular product. The term lifetime, after the last production date, depends on the product and is related to a customer's expected product lifetime. All Xmultiple products have a minimum of seven year EOL Most of our connectors manufactured have well over 10 years of lifespan

Epoxy - An adhesive used in the connector termination process.

Epoxy Resin - Type of plastic that becomes hard and infusible once a hardening agent is applied; also has excellent adhesive action, high chemical, solvent, and thermal resistance, and low shrinkage on curing.

ESD - ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD) controls and procedures for the connector industry have no standard for reporting or controlling this element of manufacturing for all types of connectors. However, the ESD controls are maintained in the ISO-9000 family of standard in our industry. ESD is one of the most important issues in the manufacturing of any electronic products and includes the connectors and component required in their production. Xmultiple has extensive anti-static procedures in our factories and plants.

Ethernet - A system for connecting a number of computer systems to form a local area network, with protocols to control the passing of information and to avoid simultaneous transmission by two or more systems. Ethernet History and Creation.

Exemption 7 RoHS - Exemptions to RoHS are granted to narrowly-defined applications for which the elimination of the prohibited substance is technically or scientifically impracticable or when the only available substitution produces more negative than positive benefits to the environment, health, or consumer safety. Exemption 7 Listing.

Extraction Tool - A tool used for removing a contact or shielding from a connector.Instructions for removing shielding from RJ connectors.



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