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Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) - A way of expressing the resultant loss of power as a result of signal reflections due to discontinuity.

Volt (V) - Unit of electromotive force. It is the difference of potential required to make a current of one ampere flow through a resistance of one ohm.

Voltage - Difference between electric pressure/potential of two points and what causes current; expressed as volts.

Voltage Breakdown - Maximum voltage that can travel across an insulated wire before electrical current will leak through the insulation.

Voltage Rating - Highest continuous voltage a wire or cord can withstand and still meet required standards or specifications.

Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) - Ratio of the maximum effective voltage to the minimum effective voltage, measured along a mismatched radio frequency transmission line.


Watt (W) - Metric unit of power, equal to one joule of energy per second, or work done at rate of one joule per second, or rate of work represented by current of one ampere under a pressure of one volt (volt-ampere).

Wavelength - Distance between repeating units of a propagating wave on a given frequency.

Wiping Action - Action used to mate contacts with a sliding motion to remove small amounts of contamination from the contact surfaces and establish better conductivity.

Weight - A value that is added to a link on an association chart, to represent its importance relative to other links. Weight can influence the centrality measures used in social network analysis. See also social network analysis.

Weightings file - A file that contains information that can apply weighting values to links on a chart.

Wiring segment - The section of a theme line between adjacent diverting event frames.


XRJAX - RJ45 Style of Coaxial connectors which snap in for easy connectivity. XRJAX products listing.

X-SMART - Xmultiple's patented combo connectors for MicroSD / RJ connectors and MicroSD / USB Connectors.

X-Sealant - Anti-corrosion gel. X-Sealant Specifications and Certifications.


ZIF - Zero Insertion Force - A component designed to eliminate the insertion and withdrawal forces during mating and un-mating.


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